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The most important and highly anticipated night of a man’s life…. the bachelor party.  An adventure planned by friends and family.  So a night of fun debauchery must be planned accordingly.  As the Best Man’s, it his his/her job to put together an epic party that includes food, drinks, fun and ohh yeah, sexy topless entertainers.

Rick’s Cabaret Raleigh makes the planning simple.  We are your one stop venue for all things bachelor party fun.  Our 28000 square foot strip club has a restaurant, 2 bars, and various seating options.  You may choose to sit at any of our 3 stages and enjoy the parade of beautiful women performing nonstop. The main stage is our Skybox seating and is considered the best seat in the house.

We also have private champagne suits, skybox seating, Cabanas. The Eden is also an option since it provides a large private room with a complimentary Mini bar, your own sound system and exclusive VIP service by Raleigh’s best waitstaff.

You’ve got the guest list; you’ve got the location — so what’s next? Remember the checklist.  Transportation, t-shirts, hats, reservations and maybe a ball and chain? The bachelor party is not supposed to make the groom get cold feet, or think twice about getting married. He is supposed to have the time of his life celebrating his last hurrah as a single male. At Rick’s Raleigh, it will be a night to remember.